The sunset over the Mediterranean Sea was as beautiful as we had ever seen. The colours were dramatic. We had just gotten back from a site seeing tour and decided to sit on the verandah of our villa that we rented. Looking out over the water, a rush came over our bodies, as if on queue. I asked if you wanted a drink and then went to open a bottle of wine. I returned and poured us both a glass and toasted the evening. It was as perfect as life itself.

I got up and went behind your chair and softly ran my fingers through your hair. Moving your head slightly back, you gave out a soft moan. I reached down and grabbed a brush, one made of thousands of fine bristles, and started to brush your hair. You moved your head just so and I began at your forehead and continued back, slowly, so as to not cause any pain. Top to bottom...slowly ... firmly... pulling each strand as if it were the only one on your head. Top to bottom...slowly ... firmly...tugging at your scalp. The bristles rub and massage your scalp like tiny fingernails going up and down. Once again an involuntary moan escapes your lips. As I continue you begin to tell me how much you enjoyed our day together. Seeing things that we had never seen before was like seeing things that were there just for us.

Oblivious to all that surrounds us, we were the only two people on the earth, and this sunset is all ours. The sunset is reflecting off the water and across your face and hair. I have never seen you in this light before and you are more beautiful than the day we met. The warmth on your skin and the light on your hair has calming action that you say you never want to go away.

I put the brush down and start to massage your shoulders. My strong hands are kneading away any tension that is left from the busy day. Thumbs on the back of your neck, I begin to move in small circles on either side of your spine. Going up to the top of the fleshy part and back down. My fingers on either side of your neck. Going deep into your muscles, I feel you begin to relax. The feeling you tell me, is exquisite, and once again you don't want me to stop. You close your eyes and throw your head back. I bend over and give you a light kiss on the lips. You try and kiss back but I continue to rub. I move down to your shoulders and upper arms and with sweeping movements, I massage your shoulders and then back to your neck. Down to your shoulder and back to your neck. Another soft moans escapes your lips and I realize that I have been effective in my movements. As I continue my movements, I move down to your upper chest. Large circles on the muscles and deep penetrating fingers reach to your soul. Smaller circles and the larger circles, being careful not to touch your breasts...not yet. I release the straps of your sun dress and move it to your stomach. The sunset over body now highlights you like a landscape. Hills and valleys. your smooth skin is now ready for my touch.

I continue past your breasts and down your sides. A smile caresses your face and I bend over and give you another kiss on the lips. This time letting you kiss me back...but not a long one as it will take away the sensation. I pour a little oil onto my hands now and I move around to the front. You move slightly in the large chair and I position myself between your legs. I now start ant your waist and move up your sides until I reach you armpits. Bottom to top... and back again. Bottom to top... and back again. This time I move my hand in and slide them over your breasts. Your nipples have now risen to their fullest and beg to be touched. I gently, yet firmly run my hands over your breasts and back to your stomach. Starting again, I move up to your armpits and across you chest and down to your stomach, in one smooth movement. Each time I touch your breast you involuntarily arch your back. Not a lot but just a little, showing me your appreciation.

I put a little more oil on my hands now and start at your rib cage and move upward over your breasts. I circle around and move back down to your ribs. I start again only this time just a little slower. You nipples are as hard as I have ever seen them. With my thumbs on the inside and my fingers on the outerside I close my hands cupping each breast, and end at each of your nipples. I continue this movement and I notice that your breathing has begun to get a little more shallow and rapid. I once again close my hands around your breasts and then I take each nipple and roll it between my thumb and forefinger. Pulling gently, I continue to massage each nipple until you feel like they will explode.

'Please don't stop', you moan. 'Please...'

I move forward and once again kiss you on the lips. This time staying just a little longer. 'Relax I say, it has only just begun'. I continue to rub and cup each breast. paying special attention to each nipple for just that moment of time and then I move to the other. Both hands on each breast. Above and below at the same time. Flicking each nipple as I reach the top. Your breathing quickens and your moans are louder now. 'Relax I say' again, 'just relax'. I move back just a bit, you raise up and I slide your dress past your hips. Because of the heat and mostly because I asked you earlier, you are not wearing any panties. you lie before me. nude. and beautiful. I take just a moment to admire you before I pour a little more oil on my hands. The smell of your scent, with the sea, is driving me crazy, but this is your moment to enjoy. I turn around and lift your left leg and cradle it in my crotch. I massage your calf and down to your ankle. I take your foot and let my thumbs massage your arch. Small concentric circles with both hands. Deep, penetrating thumbs. I take each toe and start at your foot and pull each one. Just like your nipples, I take each one and rub them between my thumb and fore finger. Five toes, each with it's own personality. Left foot, then the right. Same treatment. Same feelings. I put one leg on either side of my body and start to run my hands up your legs. First your left one then your right one. One hand on the inside and the other on the outside. Ankle to calf... Calf to knee... Knee to thigh... Thigh to crotch. Each time pushing the skin in front of my hands. Left leg... then right leg. Left leg... then right leg. I look up and you have now opened you eyes and are watching me give you pleasure. A smile almost explodes off your face. 'What have I done to deserve this' you ask in a soft voice.

'Because you are you, and you deserve it' I say. 'Just relax and enjoy the feeling', I say. I continue to massage your thighs now. One hand on the outside and one hand on the inside. Up and down and up again. I continue up your left leg , one hand on top and one hand below. As I reach the top I bring my left had around to the top, allowing it to touch your mound. I feel your dampness as I continue with my movements. One time...two times...three times... I move to your right leg and begin again. One time...two times...three times. Each time rubbing and each time you get wetter and wetter. 'Please', 'Please oh Jooohhnn'. Don't ever stop. I look up and I see that you have now taken your own hands and are massaging your breasts. Rubbing each nipple as your breathing is faster and faster. 'Jooohhhnnn. Please...'

I take just a drop of oil and drop it onto my fingers. I begin to rub your wetness and you raise your hips, hoping to take my fingers deep within you. I continue to massage and you continue to pull your own nipples. Faster and faster I rub, and faster and faster you breathe. you reach up to me and with one shuddering moment you hug me and won't let me go. I hug and kiss you and tell you that anything you ever want, I will give to you. We look out at the sea and a tear comes to your eye. I move over and lick it from your cheek and we watch the sunset over the hills.

One with the world. One with each other.