"A Romantic Encounter

She stood on the porch, letting the wind whip through her hair, her dress press against her body as the skirts billowed out behind her. An un usually taxing day at work had left her short tempered and tired tonight. What a perfect occasion to relax in the tub she thought and even as the idea was being mulled over in her head she had already turned around to go inside the condominium when she notice the small package by her door. Now why hadn't she seen that earlier? She picked up the small box and sat down in the wicker chair on her porch and began to examine it. No addresses, no markings of any kind, so it hadn't come through the mail. It had to have been left there. She unwrapped the package and set aside the silver foil wrap and looked at a box, no bigger than 3 inches by 5 inches. She lifter the lid off and pulled the pink tissue aside and her breath caught in her throat.

Inside the tissue was an ornate butterfly made of gold with carved wings and rubies for the eyes. It was exquisite she thought but who could have put it there. Finally giving up on the mystery gift she went in the house, put the box and its contents inside her dresser and began to prepare her bath. Warm water, filled with scented oils and bubbles. She emersed herself in the water, laying her head back and relaxing, so content that she began to doze when a noise startled her so she rose from the large marble tub and wrapped her body in a large soft terry towel and went out to investigate the noise. The living room and kitchen were empty so she headed to her bedroom and when she pushed open the door she stood as still as a statute. Her room had been filled with vanilla scented candles and her bed and floor were covered in rosepetals of various color. Shocked and amazed she picked up a peach colored petal and pressed it to her nose, the heavenly aroma was still fresh. Once again her mind questioned who could of done this. She was not worried over someone being in her house, to go to these lengths showed care and love not malice. Then she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes and she began to scream more out of surprise than anything. He then whispered in her ear "Good Evening my beauty". His voice was deep and reverbereated through her. Yet was so calming that she stood there listening to the sound of him speaking to her. He wanted her to know that he had no intentions of scaring her it was only his intention to leave her a gift as a reminder of him but she had come out of the bathroom so soon that he hadn't known what to do. And then it struck her as to who he was. He was the man that had been at the cafe the other afternoon when she and a longtime girlfriend had stopped in for cappuccino. With a slight shiver she recalled him, about 5'10" in height, blonde hair that one wanted to just put their fingers through and hazel eyes that drew you in and you got lost inside them. He had been alluring and had even lifted his glass to her in a small toast when he had caught her staring at him. She blushed over the memory and when he saw the color of her cheeks he jokingly asked if she were remembering their first encounter and she replied with a soft yes. Taking his hands away from her eyes he turned her to face him. As their eyes met again he gave her a small kiss on her forehead and whispered till tommorow my pet. Please allow me to take you to dinner, say around 7? She nodded her agreement and out he went, leaving her standing there in her room awash in the fragrance of the roses.