Sheri Starks, Author

As you exited off the freeway just blocks from your destination, your mouth Became dry in anticipation of what lay ahead. As you had the whole trip to think about a picture of the one you were about to encounter. Your hand dropped to your crotch and you could feel the warmth exuding from the swelling in your pants. The anticipation had your heart beating so fast, I could almost feel it myself. As you knock on the door and I opened it immediately. I am standing in front of you in a semi transparent red robe covering a sexysatin nightie short enough to show my upper thighs. It showed my voluptuous body down to the ankles and you were overwhelmed. The swell of my breasts were evident.

As you enter i shut the door and we just stood there for an electrifying moment and then both stepped forward and finally after so much time of longing for each other, our lips touched and our arms surrounded each other as we pressed eagerly together from head to toe...The warmth coming from your body and the gentle scent that is you surrounded me, our lips pressed together and then as if on a signal both of our mouths opened and our tongues sought each other out tasting and feeling and each of us trying to suck the others tongue deep into our mouths not being able to get enough of each other.

Then i stepped back and took you by the hand and lead you to the couch, as I did the silkiness of my robe swished back and forth across my beautiful butt. i sat you down on the couch and shrugged off the robe and underneath was my satin short nightie. short enough to be exciting and long enough to cover my upper Thighs half way to my dimpled knees. The smell of sex arising from both of us was overpowering...i turned around and bent over to pick up the gown from the floor and there before you, i was pantiless, my butt was naked in all its splendor was just inches from your face.... you reached out to caress it but just as you did i stood up straight and got out of your arms reach. teasing you i licked my lips and straddled your leg. my nightgown comes up higher on my thighs and i squeezed my legs together and you knew that i could feel your cock so hard...

Then i straddled both your legs and lowered my butt onto you and the heat was so wonderful. then you reached under my nightie and raised it up slowly over my stomach and almost to the underside of my could see the nipples sticking out so hard thru the nightie, i leaned forward and you buried your face in my breasts.....The perfumed scent made your cock beg to be released as you exposed my breasts. oh God the look of lust in your eyes as you looked at my large rose colored aureoles and the pencil eraser sized nipples made your cock twitch with lust. i could not stand it any longer, as i lower your zipper i could feel your cock twitch under the fabric. waiting for the first touch of my hand. the smile on your face tells me more than you know! reaching in to take out your cock I feel that it is not completely hard yet! I'm glad for that for i want it to grow hard in my mouth, licking you and tasting your cock until you are harder than you have ever been. leaning over i look at you in the eye and lick my lips, wanting to have the first taste of your cock. slowly i open my mouthenough for you to see my pink tongue......sticking it out i lick just the head of your cock.

Hearing your moans asking me what i am doing to you. still licking the head of your cock, i place just the tip of it in my mouth sucking gently feeling you slightly push your hips up to me. i just want you to get a good taste of what is to come.... standing up, i move in front of you and the thin straps of my nightie are already falling off my shoulders I slowly remove one and then the other moving towards you for you to grab my gown and remove it off my breasts. leaning into you i feel your hands on my breasts, kneading them, pinching my nipples moaning into the air oh god that feels so good.leaning forward you take my nipple into your mouth, sucking it and nibbling on it, I'm feeding you my breasts feels wonderful. now you take the other nipple into your mouth pinching the other one that is still wet from your mouth. I lift my arms and now my gown is off my body, standing in front of you letting your eyes travel from head to toe. blushing slightly from the exposed feeling. next it your turn i stand you up and start to remove your clothing, making sure i don't bend your hard cock lol, it is so big now, wanting to touch me, taste me.

You can smell the sex in the air. you are helping me remove your clothing and as i push your pants down to your ankles you step out of them, my rosebud lips are just in front of your cockand you push forward ...i open my mouth and your cock slides into the warm and juicy opening again. and i clamp my lips down tight...But you pull out and sit down again in front of me so that i can lift your shirt off...As i do you lean forward and push your face into my stomach and put your arms around mybutt pulling me even closer as you breathe in the scent of me and the scent of sex which we are exuding. pull open my ass cheeks which feel so soft and smooth. you place a little pressure on my hips and i turn around and there is my lovely pink butt just inches from your aching lips and i can tell your mouth dries for you lick your wet.....glistening..As you sit there I bend over and my ass cheeks open like the spreading of a pink rose bud..i reach between my legs and my hand encircle your cock which is twitching with excitement. ..

"No Sheri stop please or i will shoot now and we want to save that!!!!!." As I release your cock you blow a breathe out and my ass cheeks flinch as I feel your breathe on my pink wrinkled rosebud. I push back and then your head is buried between my ass cheeks and you start to lick up anddown my crack and spread wet saliva up and down it. i shiver slightly, and you hear me moan a little sigh and say, "Oh God it now"...But you pull back and say, "no its time for a little break" you ask me to sit beside you on the couch and we sit side by side breathless, wanting still...our hands are running gently down each others bodies and legs and slowly our closed lips touch each other and the feeling is like nothing we have felt before. our lips remain closed but then you put your tongue on mylips and slowly and sensuously moisten my lips and run your lips up to my eyes and then over to my earlobes and clasp them gently in your mouth...Raising even higher you place your tongue in my ear and i shiver either with delight and i feel my toes curl from the pleasure.

My hand is squeezing your nipple and you say "harder Sheri harder I love that"....and your hand is rubbing and squeezing my nipple which is already hard with longing for your lips to engulf it knowing how good it is going to feel! please suck my hard nipples, arching up to you, craving your hot tongue! You have me shaking in no time feeling the need to cum just from your licking and sucking my nipples, you feel this is coming close and hold me close as my body starts to shake out of control.....god i want you in me so bad! seeing my need and knowing how hard you have me cumming you know that the feel of my pussy will be wonderful and can not hold back any longer! standing me up you turn me around bend me over and slide your cock in me in one fast deep stroke. Oh My God your cock feels so good slamming in to me so good.....we are beyond all thinking at this point....only the craving of our coming together is whatmatters......make love to me like there is no and out stroking!!! just as i was ready to cum again i feel you pulling out of me and wondering what is going on. i look around and to my surprise you have in your hand one of my toys!!! i give you that look with a knowing smile, knowing that you have wonderful things in store for us!!! feeling your hands on me I bend over further spreading my legs wider! you bend over and start to kiss my back, further down to the top of the valley of my ass cheeks, knowing how good your tongue feels on me......i am moaning so loud!!

Please lick my pussy I want to feel your tongue on my clit...... Please I want to cum on your you start to........lick my pussy and then down and raise up my ass a little so that you can lick and suck in a rocking motion going from front to rear my body starts to quake and shake and I am cumming so hard and your tongue and mouth are lapping it up as you continue to rock back and forth and you are putting my cum into my quivering asshole with your fingers....OH god I am cumming and cumming and i feel your tongue putting licking so good, my head is swimming. the juice from my cunt are now on my asshole....I know that you are getting ready to do something and as you push me away I feel something very large try to enter me pushing against my rosebud, God it hurts so good as my opening tries to repel what's pushing against it..The juices areleaking out and this lubricates the large dildo and it starts to slip in with a sexy gliding motion and you push it in ever so gently as your fingers enter my pussy so wet with cum, oh you are tantalizing both of my gates to sexuality and the dildo is going in further and further...You take your fingers out of my cunt and gently insert them into my mouth and I suck your fingers one by one into my mouth till your fingers are dry of my essence....make love to my mouth with you tongue and we will share my taste warm the dildo is making love to my ass...

I take your hand and put it on my left nipple and say "oh baby squeeze my nipple, make it hurt a lil please I am dying with sexual pleasure here as you make love to me in every way that you can," I push my ass back towards you and you remove the dildo, my assholeis stretched wide and u insert your cock in its place!!! we are moving back and forth faster and faster. your cock is stretching me so much and my ass feels stuffed i keep pushing back wanting more and more.....I know that you do not want to hurt me but I am so high on sex now that I don't know what I am doing. more...God you are fucking my ass and my pussy is about to cum again...My body starts to quake and shiver.....oh may God!!! I'm cumming nowwwwww............and you are cumming with me!!! screaming your name.........shaking so bad. we both collapse onto each other and hold eachother close......smiling that knowing smile of things that are still to come.......