Slowly opening her eyes she saw the soft morning light filtering through the partially drawn draperies. She stretched her arms out above her head and wriggled beneath the sheets as she was enjoying this quiet waking moment. Throwing the sheets back she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and looked around the room, taking in its features in the daylight. Wondering where He had gone she rose from the edge of the bed and found His shirt tossed on the floor, donning the buttoned dress shirt she smiled, the shirt smelled of Him.

She padded down the hallway and into the kitchen where she saw Him through the doors, sitting on the back porch. He was relaxing in a chair, sipping His coffee and reading the morning paper. Her body filled with warmth as she watched Him. Memories of their night together flashed before her eyes. Her face now flushed from remembering she let herself out onto the porch and went to Him.

He looked up at her and smiled. Good morning pet He said to her as she bent down to kiss Him. Smiling, He approved of her appearance in His shirt, it hung past her rear when she was standing up straight but when she bent over He was afforded a wonderful view of her.
He nodded to His now empty coffee cup and she picked it up and took it into the kitchen and refilled it, fixing herself one as well and then returned to the porch, handing Him His coffee she went to move to the other side of the table when He pulled on the tails of the shirt to her from moving away, carefully holding her in place but not spilling the coffee. She started to turn towards Him but he stopped her. May i put my coffee down Sir she inquired chuckling He said yes as she then put the mug down on the table and stood with her back to Him and her arms by her sides.

Running His eyes over her He reached out and ran His hands along the back of her calves, tickling her on the backs of her knees and then up her thighs until He reached her rear, with a finger He slowly traced her contours and tickled and teased until she began to shift on her feet. With a gentle smack on her rear He released her shirt and took ahold of her waist and pulled her into His lap.

Laughing like teenagers as she fell into His lap she wrapped her arms around His neck as He bent down to press His mouth against hers. As their lips met they melded into one and kissed lightly at first, touching and tasting and exploring as their passion grew and they pressed tighter together their tongues dueling within their mouths until they parted, but she did not move her mouth far from His. Resting her head against His she relaxed in His arms and snuggled close to Him, not wanting to be away from Him nor without Him

With His arms wrapped around her He held her tightly then whispered into her ear that He had a special day planned for her and that she would find a letter waiting for her in the bedroom and that when He left to attend to some buiness she was to read it and follow all of the instructions completely. He kissed her on her forehead and gently pushed her from His lap and rose from the chair. Waving good bye to her He left the house without another word.

She sat at the table for some time, relaxing, drinking her coffee and enjoying the beautiful morning until she was no longer able to control her curiousity as she ran to the bedroom found His letter and removed it from the envelope and began to read it with great interest. He had wished her a good morning, praised her for her behaviour from the following night, at which she blushed as the previous nights escapades memories flooded her brain, then He had listed several items that need to be taken care of around the house and then allotted her some free time to relax and enjoy herself but then came the explicit instructions, the bags that she was to pack, showering, the clothing she was to wear and His stated return time.......He was coming back until late that evening!

She reread the letter then returned it to the envelope and put it on the dresser and went about completing the assigned tasks around the house. When she finished these tasks she checked the time, He had been off by only twenty minutes, she had finished early so she sat went out to the porch, pulled off His shirt and jumped in the pool. The cold water felt wonderful against her skin as she dove in and swam the length of the pool. She began her exercises, 5 sets of laps in varying forms until she began to tire and then just floated..... she left the pool and stretched out on the lounge chair and relished the sun's warmth on her body until she was dry and then went in the house.

Fixing herself a good lunch she ate heartily and then began the rest of her assignments. In His study she found the bags that He had mentioned. One large one - empty; and one smaller one - full and locked. She took them both to the bedroom and put them on the bed, she then set about gathering the ropes, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, strips of cloth, blindfold and other miscellaneous articles He had instructed her to pack in the large bag and then placed the smaller locked bag inside as well, closed it and set the latch. She turned and headed for the shower.

Two hours later she sat, as instructed, in the living room. awaiting His return.

He came home promptly at seven and walked over to her, placed a kiss on her forehead and went off to the bedroom. Upon His return she noted that He had changed clothes and was carrying the large bag with Him. He motioned her to follow Him as He left the house, she followed without asking a question but her mind was full of curiousity. They walked through the back yard into the woods behind the house. It was after dusk and the shadows in the trees were distorting her view. They walked for a short time until they came upon a break in the trees, a small clearing with a few sparse trees here and there. He walked over to a group of young trees and tested their strength, satisfied He motioned her to stand between them. There were three trees in this cluster with approximately four feet of space between them, almost forming a triangle she thought as she looked at them. With a tree on either side of her and one behind her she stood looking at Him and then the clearing behind Him, the colors in the sky from the setting sun cast an almost surreal glow to the scene.

Opening the bag that she had packed He set the small bag aside and remobed the contents of the large bag and layed them out in the soft grass before her. He tossed her the ankle cuffs and instructed her to put them on. Catching them she did as she was told and when they were securely fastened around her ankles she stood up straight and looked at Him. Smiling He tossed her the wrist restraints and again instructed her to put them on. Without a moments hesitation she did so. Admiring the cuffs as she secured them to her wrists, the interior of the cuffs were lined with a soft velvet cloth, thereby removing all risks of markings, the outside of the cuffs were constructed of a durable black leather of a 1/2 inch thickness with two medium sized rings on either side. The ankle cuffs were of the same construction.

He watched her intently, knowing that she would secure them properly but all the while keeping a close eye on her. As she stood there He informed her that he wanted her nude and watched as she slip the straps of the dress off her shoulders and the gown fell into a pile at her ankles and she moved one foot and then with the other lifted the garment and tossed it aside and stood before Him, hands at her sides, her feet were just less than shoulder width apart and her head was slightly lowered as she gazed at the ground in front of Him. He methodically went through the items laid out before Him and selected three sections of nylon rope. Securing one end to the tree to her left He moved next to her and lifted her arm parrallel to the ground and secured the rope to a link in the cuff and then down to her ankle and back out to the tree. He moved around her and secured her right side in the same fashion. He took the third section of rope and draped one end over her shoulder and then brought it up between her legs, ensuring that it rose neatly between her lips and rested directly on her clit and then brought the end back up secured the end to the middle of the rope and then looped it back underneath the piece on her shoulder and then around to the tree behind her with very little slack.

Turning towards her He asked her to move around and when she did she discovered that any form of movement made the rope around her body rub her clit and gasped in surprise. Standing close to her He chuckled, now my little one, i shall return in a bit, do try to behave while I am gone and pressed a hard kiss on her mouth before parting.

Watching Him leave she became nervous, wondering was there anyone else out in the woods this evening, how long would He be gone...these and other questions suddenly filled her mind as she was left alone. She tried to calm herself, and when her heart rate began to slow the started to focus on her other senses to see if she could determine what was going on around her. She stood silently and listened to the sounds of the woods around her.... none were sounds of Him, then she smelled the air and smiled for she could smell His cigarette so she knew that He had not gone far.

Smiling to Himself He had wondered how long it would take for the smell to drift to her, even though He was a good distance away He could still see her, to precious a possession to leave completely alone in the woods. He walked back to her, taking care to be as quiet as possible and when He approached her He saw her head move in His direction.

He went to the items spread out before her and selected a favored pair of clamps and then standing in front of her placed one on her left nipple, as He released His grip on the clamp and it gripped her nipple He could hear the intake of her breath and the slight jump in her body, smiling He placed the second clamp on the right nipple and recieved the same reaction. He ran His fingers along the chain connecting the clamps and gave it a slight pull, testing it as He heard a low moan escaped between her pursed lips. Pulling again, this time a little firmer, another moan and she began to move against the ropes. Letting go of the chain He ran His fingers across her stomach... teasing.. touching... then up to tug on the left nipple directly then giving the clamp a slight twist as she let her head drop and He could see her body breathing heavily. Quite amused with her immediate reactions He stepped back and waited knowing that she would want more, waiting would make it all the more interesting.

Her body was now alive and screaming for attention, the attention to her nipples had always driven her crazy and tonight was no exception. She tried to calm her breathing, she tried to calm her screaming desires, the sounds of the crickets made the whole thing seem so surreal and made her concentration nill. Wait she told herself wait. Almost laughing out loud she caught herself thinking the trouble she would get into if the laughter had escaped but to tell herself to wait was laughable, she had desired Him from the first time they had talked and with each touch or kiss the desire grew greater......wait, surely she thought.

Watching her face for reactions He raised an eyebrow at what appeared to be a small chuckle and seeing an opening He pounced upon. Walking behind her He moved up close and pressed His body to hers and could feel her tense with the contact. My my pet, He whispered into her ear, is there something funny about this situation? Caught off guard she had no reply for Him and when His hand connected with her ass she gasped No Sir there is nothing funny about this situation. Then why were you laughing He inquired. Was just a passing thought Sir, intending to keep the depth of her desire to herself. Is that so He whispered up next to her ear as He reached around with both hands and began to twist the clamps on her nipples. Yesss Sirr she stammered lost in a wave of pleasure. Hmmm He mouthed to her, and just what was this thought you were having during My time? Taking to long to find an acceptable answer His hand again connected to her ass though this time with more force and the sting travelled through her. With her eyes closed she held her mouth firmly shut, determined not to cry out Keeping things from your Master now are we, He said. No Sir was her reply, just merely trying to phrase the thought properly. Chuckling He told her, but pet when you take time to phrase it generally means your not divulging the whole thought. Now I'm going to ask just one last time, what was this passing thought that You found so amusing?

Her mind was racing, should she speak her thoughts or was it better to keep those to herself for a little while and then she felt the tug on the clamps, both of them, strong and demanding, and she opened her mouth to speak but He put His finger across her lips and told her to hush, she had taken to long to reply.

Tsk tsk He mockingly told her, I think you were looking to get into trouble tonight. Am I right? No Sir she said. Well that's to bad because now you are in trouble. You ignored a direct request and you took to long to even begin to reply, seems like disobedience to Me He said with a smile that showed in His eyes.

Walking to the assortment of items He secured a riding crop and returned to stand behind her. He waited, He wanted her to begin to worry that perhaps He had left again, He stood there motionless for almost ten minutes before she began to stir, a slight tug on her ropes, shifting her body weight between her feet and that's when the riding crop connected as her attention was diverted elsewhere. You could hear the crack when it connected with her skin an instantaneous red mark rising on her cheek and the scream she emitted was music to His ears. He believed it to be more out of surprise than pain for she would normally clamp her mouth tightly shut rather than to scream when she was disciplined. He flicked His wrist and let the crop connect with her other check and then a third time and a fourth. Pausing, watching her reactions and when He was ready he began again this time with a little more force than the first few and on the fifth stroke she screamed. He stopped. His goal accomplished. He walked up to her and whispered now my little one tell Me what your passing thought was.

Her body shaking, her ass burning from the strokes of god only knew what she spoke, in a quavering voice she told Him that she had laughed at herself for trying to calm herself down and telling herself to wait and be patient and that she had never been a patient woman, she had always wanted the things she wanted right then.

Smiling He nodded in agreement, she was speaking the truth on that matter, she was impatient which made her all the more fun because making her wait drove her crazy and gave Him great pleasures.