"The Library"

She tiptoed down the hallway, careful not to make a single noise for if discovered she would pay dearly. She could see the light coming from the cracked library door, breathing a small sigh of relieve she knew that part of her quest would be easier now, she had not figured out how she was going to open the doors silently, but that was no longer a concern now. As she reached the doors she pushed the left one open slightly so that she could see him, sitting behind his desk, buried in papers, brow creased with concentration. He was a striking man, six feet 3 inches tall, brown hair neatly trimmed, mustache, goatee. He had a muscular body, coming from years of strenuous exercise and a disciplined life. His eyes were a crystal blue. His skin as soft as a baby's.

He had been working endlessly lately and she felt that he needed a break, a break from his work and the monotony that it brought on. Slipping between the cracked doors she glided over in front of the fireplace, making sure that she was perfectly positioned she cleared her throat.

Startled by the sudden noise in the quiet room he jerked his head ready to unleash his anger on whoever dared to disturb him but as his eyes focused on her all of his anger ebbed away. He sat back, putting his pen down on the desk and looked at her, putting every detail into his memory. He started at her feet, encased in those shiny heels, traveling up her legs, covered in sheer stockings and without even looking he knew that the seams along the back of her legs would be perfectly straight, and he stopped when the stockings met her garter, little red roses decorated the garter, black lace against her creamy skin aroused him like so few other sights, up her stomach to the matching black lace bra with the same red rose in the valley between her breasts, and the matching robe that had fallen off her shoulders and now draped across her arms.

Her beauty had always amazed him, her hair had caught his attention the first time he had seen her walking through the courthouse, long and curly and shade of red he had never seen on a woman before. It had come down to her lower back and had beautiful ringlet curls, natural curls and was amazingly soft to the touch which had surprised him. When she had looked up at him that day, he had been drawn to her by those eyes, large, appealing, a mix of green and gold when you were close enough to tell and creamy skin to complete the package. He would never forget that first meeting, nor the stairwell which was a whole nights dream in itself.

Come her he commanded, and with a small smile she moved toward him, coming around the side of the desk, stopping as she stood beside his chair and as he leaned back in his chair and looked up at her she began to apologize for the interruption, but he put his hand up in the air and he gently reminded her that she had not been given permission to speak. She lowered her head acknowledging her mistake, smiling to herself for one that he could not see the smile in her eyes and for the immense pleasure she received from his scoldings.

He pushed her aside and she immediately sunk to her knees, as he rose to get himself a Brandy, sniffing the liqueur he turned and looked at her, beautiful and obedient kneeling next to his desk, hands clasped in her lap, eyes slightly lowered he enjoyed watching her and he intended to stretch it to its fullest.

Relaxing in an overstuffed chair in front of the fire, he instructed her to get his cigars. She quickly rose, retrieved his cigar and the crystal ashtray and brought them to him, bending she put them on the table and as she set the tray down she felt a stinging sensation upon her thighs as he had delivered a quick shot at her, startled she jumped and he scolded her for forgetting his lighter. Even then in the firelight he could see a red handprint rising on her thigh and the image aroused him.

He lit the cigar and leaned back in the chair, relaxing, just what he needed tonight. He had been buried in papers all day and now that he had an interruption that was pleasurable, so he was going to make the most of it.

After finishing his Brandy he put the cigar down and with no forethought grabbed her arm and pulled her up off the floor and pushed her toward his desk, her robe trailing behind her he stepped on it and it quickly came off her arms exposing her body to the firelight and in two long strides he was beside her in front of his desk and with a movement of his arms the desk was free from his piles of papers, notes and other items. He moved in front of her and pushed her legs apart with his feet and bent down slightly, putting a hand under each thigh, he lifted her onto his desk, she reached up to undue his tie and he briefly thought of disciplining her but just as quickly let her do as she wanted.

When she had removed his tie and was working on his shirt she raised her head and began to kiss the exposed skin while working on the remainder of his buttons, pulling the shirt free as she tore it from his body, wanting to touch him to feel his muscles move beneath her hands, this was her driving thought.

He let his hands wander across her legs as she was working on his shirt and when she pulled it off of him he reached up and caressed her breasts, removing the lace bra that blocked his path he then took great care to rub her nipples with his thumbs, her head tilted back and with her eyes closed he heard the low moan that escaped her lips, smiling at her reaction he bent his mouth down and traced her nipple with his tongue, enjoying the sight of her hardened nipple he began to suck eagerly upon it.

When he was content with her nipples reactions to his mouth he pushed her back and let his hands wander across her body as he pleased, her eyes were closed and she was relaxed, it was then that he entwined his fingers in her lace panties and ripped them from her body, causing her to scream in delight which she then covered her mouth with her hand to suppress the sound and to her great surprise he reached down and moved her hand, she opened her eyes to look at him, and he told her that tonight I want to hear your pleasure and if you keep it locked inside I will punish you for not doing as you were told. She smiled at him, knowing this above all else gave him great pleasure, to hear her as her body was being racked by waves of pleasure.

In a quick movement he had removed his pants and was standing before her naked and she longed to look upon him but that would require her to sit up and she feared his anger should he not want her to move so she restrained herself. He trailed his fingers along the inside of her thigh watching her squirm from the tickling and then he opened a desk drawer and removed a large white quill, using the tantalizingly soft feather he tickled her thighs and stomach until she screamed for his mercy.

Her screams nearly drove him mad. The pain in her voice. The pleasure in her voice. He wanted to torture her all night but knew that his body would not last that long. His desire to have her was trying to control him and it took every ounce of concentration not to take her right here on his desk. He ran the feather down the length of her leg, make sure to take great care around the back of her knees, a spot that he knew would elicit more screams from her but as he strived to tease her she kept herself under control, attempting to tease him by not screaming. He could see the concentration on her face. Eyes closed, lips pressed tightly together, hands clenched and her back was slightly arched.

Without thinking he bent own and ran his tongue across her lips, tracing them. Her back relaxed and she parted her lips and allowed him partial access to her warm wet mouth. Their tongues dueled until she conceded and his tongue explored her mouth. Pulling back he moved away from her yet still watching. Laying on his desk she was a site to see and suddenly a mischievous thought ran through his head, he rummaged in his desk drawer and then went and sat in his chair by the fire. "Come over here" he commanded and without question she sat up and gently slid her body off of the desk, she walked to him and as she reached his chair he pointed at the floor, she obediently kneeled in front of him. "Lean forward" he commanded. Doing as she was told she placed her hands upon his knees for support and leaned her head towards him. He put his hands on her head and guided her mouth to his hard cock, without any further instruction she knew exactly what he wanted.

She licked her lips and then wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and gently placed a kiss on the head, then parting her mouth she slid his cock ever so slowly into her mouth and down her throat until he was buried deep within her mouth. He thrust his hips upwards trying to get even deeper as she sat there and allowed him to enjoy this feeling of being in her mouth. She then tightened the muscles in her throat and slowly raised her head. Using her hand to stroke him in unison with the movements of her mouth she gently coaxed his body closer and closer to orgasm. She would occasionally stop and run her tongue along the base and then up the length of his shaft and around the head and follow by encasing the tip with her mouth and sucking eagerly, flicking her tongue across the top all the while, and then she would slide him deep into her throat again, moving her mouth up and down the shaft until he would grab her hair and pull her head down and thrust his hips up, still attempting to get even deeper.

Unable to contain his pent up feelings any longer he began to thrust into her mouth eagerly, with faster strokes, smiling while watching his cock slide in and out her warm, sweet mouth. Knowing that he was losing his control he pulled her head down until she had engulfed his cock and with a final thrust he threw his head back and released his body to the waves of pleasure from this first orgasm.

He layed his head back against the chair and closed his eyes, taking several calming breaths to control himself before he attempted to open his eyes. He could hear her moving about, the clinking of the glasses as she got them both a drink. Kneeling beside him she touched his hand with the glass so that he would not have to open his eyes. Raising the glass to his lips he drank deeply enjoying the warmth the liquid left behind. Having regained his composure he opened his eyes and looked at her, he had been neglecting her lately and decided that it was time she was treated properly once again.

Rise, he instructed her and without a seconds hesitation she did as he asked, standing beside him, lit by the fire. In front he instructed, and she moved to stand in front of him. Now I want you to slowly turn around so that I can look at you in this firelight. So, standing before him naked without a concern she began to slowly turn in a circle so that he could see her.

When she was again facing him he patted his knee, and she gracefully moved her body close to his and sat down upon his knees, leaned close to his body and nuzzled his neck with her face. Purring at him she touched her fingers to his lips which he delicately kissed back and then taking one finger he inserted into his mouth and began to suck upon it. She leaned her head back and moaned softly. He always knew what to do to her, to drive her crazy with desire. She put her head against his ear and purred even harder.

He let his hands trace her arm and down her back, lightly trailing across her hip and down her thigh, feeling her squirm beneath his touch. He smiled to himself then reached down beside his leg and pulled out a long black cloth that he had taken from the desk drawer. Reaching up he tied the blindfold around her head, making sure that her eyes were covered and then returned to running his fingers along the insides of both thighs, knowing that while being unable to see her sense of touch would be heightened and was rewarded with squeals of delight. He began to run his hands up her back slightly digging his nails into her tender skin and again smiled when she flexed her back trying to escape his ministrations.

Leaning close to her face he whispered "sit still little one". He moved her around on his lap so that she was straddling him and then leaned back in the chair looking at her once more. Beautiful he thought as he touched the head full of curls, tracing the outline of her jaw, running his fingers across her mouth at which she then parted her lips slightly, tasting his finger, teasing him with her tongue. He withdrew his finger and resumed his trail, over her chin, and down her chest where his hand became flat as he reached her breasts, running his fingers over her nipples, squeezing them, twirling them between his fingers until they are hard and red.

He could hear her moaning, rolling her head back and forth, her hands were gripping the sides of the chair. He moved his hands down across her belly and onto her thighs, just on the inside where the skin is so soft and tender and wit a quick motion gave the right thigh a hard smack. She screamed in response to the stinging blow, knowing full well that she was about to pay and pay dearly for having interrupted him.

Suddenly he was standing and she was sliding off his lap but he held on to her arm so that she would not fall. Then she could feel him leading her out of the library, down the hall and turning towards the kitchen where he stopped and left her momentarily. Somewhat dazed she stood there, arms hanging by her sides, ears alert, listening for any sound that would indicate where he had gone or what he was doing. Then she heard him, a drawer opening, something being removed, or at least she thought. Then the noise stopped and she tipped her head in the direction that the noise had came from straining to hear him but to no avail.

Then she felt his hands guiding her once more. Out the back door into the garden and then they were near the pool. Stopping once again he left her standing. Confused she tried to gather her thoughts, wondering why he had brought her outside to the pool, surely he wouldn't put her in the icy water, he must be able to tell she was already cold. Yet even as she was having the thoughts she realized that if he meant to teach her a lesson he wouldn't care how cold she was. She had known going in to the library that she could be punished for interrupting him but she had done it anyways. Sighing she resigned herself to her fate.

Watching her he knew that she was being torn between emotions and when she had shivered he had smiled to himself but now she was standing here calmly and he knew that she had surrendered to her fate. With that knowledge he began to lead her into the pool, yes the water was icy but it had no effect on the fire burning inside him.

She timidly pulled away from him when her feet touched the water and was dealt a quick pinch on her ass for disobeying. Grudgingly she waded waist deep into the icy water and then she felt his arms encircle her, warming her body, caressing her as he pulled her into his lap.

She leaned her head back against him reveling in the feel of his body close to hers. She could feel the muscles in his arms flexing as he adjusted his body to hold her more firmly. Then she felt the first sting of his pinches, knowing full well that he could not spank her in this position he had resorted to pinches, squealing she again attempted to twist away from his grip but he only held her more firmly.

Moving through the water he pulled on to the steps where he laid her down across his knees and with the majority of her body in water her ass was raised and his legs held it up just enough for a stinging spanking. He leaned down close to her face and whispered, "You failed to knock before entering the library my most precious one" and then dealt her the first two stinging blows and she thrashed on top of him. He held her firmly. Again he leaned close to her, "You failed to complete my letters this afternoon my most precious one" and delivered three stinging blows.

Delirious from the sting and the fire burning within her she wriggled to be free yet she knew that she wanted to be nowhere else but here with him right here, receiving her punishment as she deserved. Smiling to herself she quieted the tremors in her body, attempting to slow her breathing, all to no avail. Her desire for him grew with each sting and when she could take no more she screamed to him "Master please forgive me I now know the error of my ways and will be the perfect slave, Master please, please Master."

Smiling to himself he could not resist her pleas and with a final blow he left her ass red and stinging as he turned her over and raised her up bringing her mouth close to his he pressed his lips against hers, tasting her tears mixed with the icy water. She fervently returned his kiss, probing his mouth with her tongue chewing on his lips until he spun her around laying her on the steps he removed the soaked blindfold that still covered her eyes and pressed his body against hers and a he entered her, finally ending her wait she screamed into the nite.

She attempted to warm her still freezing body in front of the fire, drinking the cappuccino in delight, loving the attention that He showered her with after disciplining her. She smiled to herself. She had never been so happy. His warmth, caring and love had made her whole. His strength and ability to understand her had filled a void in her life. Now here she was lounging in His library.

She was jolted from her thoughts when He fussed at her. He had been calling her name and lost in her private thoughts He had gone unheeded. "Come here." He requested of her, which caused her some confusion. A request? Doing as He bid she went to him, reclining on the floor in front of the fire He pulled her close, holding her tightly against His warm body. He ran his hands through her hair, touching her face softly, stroking her cheek. His gentle touches were mesmerizing.

He laid her down on the soft bearskin rug and began to gently and methodically explore her body. He kissed her passionately then left her mouth and began to explore her neck, her ears, her shoulders, not leaving a single inch of skin untouched or unloved. Down her chest, caressing and massaging her breasts, toying with her nipples and then downward he moved across her stomach, her thighs, her knees, till He reached her feet, massaging them, kissing them then putting her legs down He moved His body alongside her and then He lifted her onto His manhood. Taking Him deep within her she sat quietly enjoying this very gentle session with Him.

When He placed His hands on her hips she began to gently rock them as His hands indicated. Slowly at first and then with increasing desire. Neither of them said a word, the only sounds in the room were their labored breathing and the crackling of the fireplace. His need grew so quickly that it surprised her as her's was beyond controlling. Without a word they held onto one another, pressed close, their bodies screaming in unison. A joining of their souls.