Author = Mimi Thayer-Begun
From = parvifox@best.com

Daisy breathed deep then closed her mouth around the young sailor's left testicle. She licked and sucked, then with her mouth still tightly enclosed around her prey’s desire filled gift of children yet to come, she sucked again. Thrilling the young man with gentle kisses to his sweaty thighs, she closed her mouth around his right jewel and started the process all over again.

Daisy lowered herself onto the floor of the old dented pickup truck. She continued bathing the sailor's fully erect penis with her tongue. Slowly at first, then broadening her tongue, she licked the length and came down fast with a lip-locked suction that could dethrone a king.

The sailor squealed with pleasure, his fists gripped tight in Daisy’s hair. He began forcing his weapon deep into the back of her throat. Daisy breathed quick panicked breaths; she struggled to fill her lungs before the inevitable hot salty spray blocked her from life giving oxygen. OOOOHHHHH! The sailor cried out loud, pumping his hot milk in an ebbing tide down the back of Daisy’s throat. "Yes baby, you’re my best boy," Daisy said as he removed himself from her mouth.

Back on the corner, Daisy posed and paced. Few minutes passed by until another “John” picked her up. This one was Latino; she found it difficult to understand exactly what he wanted.

“Si...Simone...” she told him. Finding herself pulling up in front of an old Victorian building that appeared to be under construction. The man was strangely handsome to Daisy. Daisy preferred females and one girl in particular, but this man was oddly attractive to her. He came around and opened her door, he offered his hand, and led her into an entry on the side of the classic old house.

Looking about Daisy saw a pallet on the floor and some “cervasa”. Her handsome Latino kissed her gently and handed her a fifty-dollar bill. With a passionate rhythm, he began to disrobe her. He made sure to take the time to kiss her body in places no one had touched for quite some time.

Daisy began to relax; her Romeo laid her delicately on the pallet. He began probing her wet femininity with his fingers while speaking softly in his foreign tongue. When his eyes met hers, his lips curved in a smile. He kept bringing his face up to meet hers between kisses to her breasts, her belly, and her thighs.

Daisy put her head back creating an elegant curve in her spine. The handsome man began consuming her with long flat tongued laps to the inner lips of her open, swollen flower. He thrilled her with the gentle sucking of her clitoris. Daisy’s mind was zooming in and out of bliss. Each time she thought she would cum, her mind would move to “what time was it” or “damn this fucking dope habit, this could feel so good.” She knew she could not orgasm with heroin in her system.

She decided to give him what he seemed to want so badly. She began moaning, gyrating, as if she could really surrender to the pure adoration, the pure loving this perfect stranger wished to give her. She raised her bottom and groaned as if she were having the ultimate of all orgasms.

Quickly, he turned her over by twisting her leg and roughly, he shoved his cock deep into her saliva-dampened anus. He raised his hand high and came down hard with a flat handed slap to her right buttock. He repeatedly rammed his stiff hard cock into her anus with the force of hatred and called her “pinche’ puta” over and over and over again. Each time slapping harder and each time shouting louder until he shuddered and collapsed atop her weeping form.

Confidently, he held her down with one foot as he reached behind himself. Daisy tasted the salt on her tear stained face. Fear filled her eyes. The stranger struggled into his jeans and shirt, stopping only to change which foot was perched upon her lower back. He reached into his pocket pulling out a one hundred-dollar bill. He bent down and shoved it in Daisy’s mouth saying in perfect English... “Your as good as they said you were, until next time my love.” and with that he was gone.

Back on the corner, Daisy sat on the wall talking for a while to Kiki, her Trans-Sexual friend. She walked up the street to the liquor store and bought an Uno candy bar. Walking down hill now, she was feeling much more self-assured. Much better then she had felt walking back from her date with the handsome rough Latino. She combed her hair. She stopped to pose at a bus stop bench.

Edward went by, she liked Edward because he was easy. Another 50 bucks and she would have enough for tonight and her wakeup shot of dope. Edward was never willing to put out more then 20 dollars, and Daisy hated to go in with less than three hundred dollars. She got up and walked toward the back street. Click-clack, click-clack, the sound of her high-heeled shoes made a rhythm that was hers alone. People in all the houses she passed could hear her shoes.

Back in her room, Daisy held the syringe between her teeth. She cooked up a heavy shot of heroin. Janet's girlfriend Alma stroked her hair. This had been a real tough day, she just wanted to sit and dream for a while. Daisy’s blood moved fast through her veins sucking the dark black tar into her system. She pumped the hypodermic syringe's plunger until her vein swallowed all the warm liquid. She lowered herself to the floor of the room and held her breath until she could taste the heroin pumping through her blood stream in an ebbing tide to the back of her throat. “Yes Baby,” Daisy said in a whisper. “You're my best girl.