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Ohhh... yess... please remember that i am
definitely not a professional photographer..
i'm just the site designer! *WEG*

While we're waiting for the professional pictures
i have posted these.

    Ohh, just the sight of this ankle restraint bar and paddle get me thinking! The bar is 24 inches long and made of Pinewood, it has been stained with "early american" stain.
    This paddle - wow - is 36 inches long with a 10inch handle and is 3/4 of an inch think!

    Please note that we have a variety of domestic and exotic hard woods available and an endless assortment of stains. You can design your own by choosing your length, handle length, width and number (or absence) of holes!

    Domestic hardwoods = Include woods such as oak, elm, hickory, north american redwoods and cherry.
    Exotic hardwoods = Include woods such as purple heart, mahogany and zebra wood.

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