"Bound and Adored"

He stood her in the archway, lifted her left hand and placed her wrist inside the fur lined cuff that was attached to a heavy steel chain running up to the stud within the archway, then her right wrist inside the matching cuff. A spreader bar was strapped to her ankles. He slid behind her and ran his hands lovingly along her backside, whispering words of encouragement, endearments, praising her body, praising her behaviour.

He then reached around her head and put on the blindfold. Tying it snugly he tested the material ensuring that it would not come loose. She momentarily began to panic. He could see the fear in her face and waited a few torturous seconds to ensure she was grasping her vulnerability and complete lack of control and then stepped closer to her, whispering in her ear again, he spoke to her lovingly. Again he praised her, she was behaving so well, how lovely she looked in this position, how much He truly adored his slave all the while touching her, moving His hands along her belly feeling its smooth roundness and then over the swell of her hips, gathering His thoughts He stood back and admired her. He admired His slave.

Reaching out to the table next to Him, He picked up the whip. Made of a supple medium leather, the worn handle fit nicely in His palm. He unwound it and let it drag across the floor, ensuring that she heard it.

As He drug it across the tiles she flinched, not knowing what the noise was from but knowing that it was meant for her to hear. Then she heard a lite whistling noise and then the whip bit into her back. Screaming, she rocked her body forward as she reacted to searing pain across her backside. Focusing she gathered her strength and stood tall as the second bite of the whip came across her ass. Biting her lip she fought to keep her screams within but her muffled whimpers still escaped. The third and fourth strokes were blurred into one long searing pain.

The following two strokes removed her resolve, her legs trembling, tears streaming down her face, another bite and she gave in. Screaming. Screaming and unable to support her body any longer, she begged Him "Master, Master please, pleassssssse, I can take no more, Master please."

Smiling slightly He stood next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her up as she leaned against Him, He whispered into her ear, "tis My decision My most precious one as to when you can take no more."

"Who do you belong to girl?" He asked her firmly. Shaken from her whipping her thoughts were so jumbled she didn't hear His question and when she had not answered immediately He stepped back and let the whip bite into her ass again. "Once more, who do you belong to girl?" He asked as she screamed. The whip had brought her around and she quickly stopped her screaming and replied meakly "You Master." Louder he encouraged her. "You Master." she intoned more loudly. "Tsk tsk girl, still not quite loud enough" He said mockingly. Understanding the veiled threat she screamed into the night "I am Yours Master".

Removing the cuffs and the spreaderbar He lowered her onto His lap, took off the blindfold and stroked her face, running his fingers across her lips, over her chin, along her jawline, up to her ears. He looked at her face and then she opened her eyes. She looked at Him, her eyes filled with desire and passion. "Master, may I speak?" she asked of Him. "Yes, My most precious one", He answered.

"If this humble slave would be allowed to make a request Master?" she intoned to His smiling face. "Take my leash Master take it in Your wise and knowing hands for I am Yours!"